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Set Build Jobs List                                    last updated cr/dh 14.12.2019
I have attached a Jobs List our final Set Build on Saturday 21st December 9.30 - 1.30

All are very welcome. Thank you

1Camp Fire Construct (off Site)Chris
2Create Dais/ Grassy Knoll in front of tent ??Chris/Sarah /Crew
3Make Bush screens from Insulation Board and finish offSarah/Erica/Mary/Crew
4Lighting Set up Test & verifyDavid/Sarah
5Set up Table & Sideboard Make table top??Chris/Jane/Lee
6Fix Skirtings/ArchitravesChris/Lee/Crew
7Picture hangCrew
8Set Dressing with drapes/Leaves/Branches as ReqdSarah/Erica/Mary/Crew
9Straw Bale ….Modify one stool and wallpaperSarah/Crew
10Table & Side Board Cloth materialChris/Jane/Crew
11Check position of all Black Curtains/Side screensChris/Crew
12Tidy up Backstage to ensure we have sufficient storeageCrew
13Practise Set Change CC to D41Lee/Crew