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About Us                               Last Updated by dh 20.11.2019

We are an amateur, non-profit organisation financed entirely from our event revenue so your support is very much appreciated. Individual tickets are available on-line or from our Box Office or you may consider buying a whole show  set up in rows or around tables  as required.
Unlike most other clubs and societies, a dramatic society is a project based organisation which means you can try it without any long term obligation then opt in or out of future shows/events etc. to suit your personal preferences and /or commitments to work and family etc.
Don’t be fooled by the stuffy title, our ‘Society’ is fuelled by having fun as a group, somehow managing to pull together the wide range of practical, artistic and business activities needed to make it all happen. We laugh a lot and make many good memories together, often trying new ideas and techniques for our interest and personal development. The group is very supportive and you will be among friends. Nobody is good at everything, but with a meeting of minds, the team usually manages to successfully coordinate the finances, set building, and script learning etc. in time for the opening night!
New members (on and off stage) are always welcome. If you're interested, we can (usually) be found rehearsing at Benson Hall from 8-10 on Thursday evenings. Sometimes (usually) followed by a visit to THE CROWN!

We've enjoyed 'serious fun' for 90 years and still going strong!