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The Committee (also, see Constitution)                               Last Updated by dh 08.12.2019

David W

Suggested Roles and Tasks to be reviewed by each new Committee and re-assigned as appropriate.

1. Chairperson
1a. Facilitate Society objectives through the Committee.
1b. Produce the Committee meeting agenda.
1c. Officiate at Committee meetings personally, or through his/her appointed representative.
1d. Ensure Committee meeting records are accurately minuted.

2. Administration Secretary
2a. Record and distribute minutes.
2b. General liaison contact for the Society.
2c. Renew and manage Society insurances.
2d. Officiate at General Meetings.
2e. Research and report the availability of suitable Grants.

3. Treasurer
3a. Execute all Society financial transactions.
3b. Maintain cost effective banking account(s).
3c. Maintain the Society Asset Register.
3d. Provide a financial transactions report at each Committee meeting.
3e. Report the location of Society finances at each Committee meeting.
3f.   Expedite an accounts audit prior to the AGM.
3g. To maintain event  statistics for future analysis.

4. Membership and Child Protection Officer
4a. Maintain and make available a Contact List in tabular and address label format.
4b Maintain a programme of recruitment.
4c. Expedite membership fees.
4d. Endeavour to ensure that the society’s child protection policies and procedures are adhered to.

5. Publicity, Web site and Newsletter Coordinator
5a. Facilitate an agreed publicity programme.
5b. Maintain a good image and presence for the Society and its activities in local/regional/national media as appropriate.
5c. Support and coordinate with the ‘event’ production teams regarding the above.
5d. Produce and/or expedite the Society Newsletter as appropriate.
5e. To co-ordinate the use and content of the Society’s Web site.

6. Hall Hire Liaison Officer
6a. Liaise with Hall management.
6b. Research hall hire time for agreed Society business.
6c. Maintain an accurate record of hall usage.
6d. Ensure correct payment of hall hire fees.

7. Facilities Officer
7a Research the Sourcing of new Society equipment, materials and costumes, etc.
7b. Manage the safe, secure usage and storage of Society equipment, materials and costumes, etc.
7c. Support the ‘event’ production teams regarding the above.
7d. Co-ordinate responsibilities for Health & Safety

8. Events Officer
8a. Forward planning of events (Performances, Productions and Social).
8b. Support ‘event’ production teams as required (information, advice, sourcing etc).
8c. Liaise between the Management Committee and the ‘event’ production team.

9. Website & Corporate Marketing